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A reverse carved rock crystal intaglio brooch/pendant, circa 1870 The cabochon rock crystal carved and painted to the reverse with a swan within a ropetwist and beaded border, glazed compartment to the reverse, diameter 3.4cm

FOR SALE * * no pattern * * Swan - Wood Carved Celtic Knot of Love Fidelity Grace and Beauty | signsofspirit - Woodworking on ArtFire

This Mother-Of-Pearl Swans In Love Round Pendant Necklace is perfect! Following Russian and European traditions and creating their own aesthetic along the way, G. DeBrekht combines handcrafting with modern techniques to design unique, high-quality art and accents. Their carved and painted pieces make statements and heirloom-style gifts for special occasions, holidays or any day.

Amazine Scrimshaw Pendant Carved Hand Painted Swan Rubber Stamp ZL20910 #ZL #Pendant

Using mammoth ivory, these pendants are carved as flying swans with their necks and wings outstretched. Thirteen such pendants varying in size from 4.5 to 15 centimetres long were found on the campsite. One of the pendants was found with the skeleton of a child but if they were worn together as a necklace, with the largest at the centre, they would also display the flight formation of the birds. The arrival and departure of migratory birds were important seasonal markers.