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Obsessing over these new bracelets from My Saint My Hero!! Great company with a great mission and the bracelets are so beautiful! #mysaintmyhero #blessings #blessingsbracelets #silversteerandco @mysaintmyhero by silversteerandco

Zoella zozeebo

Why are they so perfect! Wouldn't we all like to be like them?

Festival Makeup Essentials - Including Glitter Ideas & Tips

I'm Emily, I'm 22 years old. I have Borderline Personality Disorder; I was diagnosed when I was I spent a year and a half in a Dialectical Behavioral Therapy program. I openly talk about my struggles with...

Paloma Faith, is that you?

Millie demonstrates how a fringe lends itself well to the 60s trend, which we're currently obsessed with. Her Instagram feed is making us crave her new haircut, with shots like this where she looks bangin' (sorry).

How to Write the Perfect Instagram Caption

Bold & Pop : How to Write the Perfect Instagram Caption

The unicorn craze is going strong these days so I asked @francesmencias to make me a cute one for our display! How adorable is this one?! I'm obsessed! We got inspired by @jennaraecakes recent one FYI

We're kind of obsessed with Julianne Hough's new 'shag' haircut

We're bring it back, and switchin it up, introducing @juleshough #ModernDayShag ✂️✂️✂️ With some beigey @jazzyyfeyy pop! (and if you are a #BeautyCoach you know what I'm talkin about! ) Loving this little change so much! ❤️ When your growing out your hair, make sure to have fun in the process!!! We do!!! Love you #JulesMyMuse

11 Photoshopped Pics of Disney Princesses as Real Girls the left one is actually hair goals

How much of a Tom Hiddleston are you?

"You are just like him" People, it is offical, I am the female version of him xDDD