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This print advertisement tells why people should choose pantene over any other product. This is also a way of persuading people to buy this product.

E-zasoby Edustore dla rozwoju nauczycieli | Centrum Edukacji Obywatelskiej

It is persuading children to buy something from their store on this teacher's day.

By offering life time membership this gym is persuading people to join this gym and not any other.

Its cheap price and pocket hours persuade people to come here and not to go to any other cafe.

This product tells people why they shoul buy this product and what all advantages will they have. With the given advantages poeple are persuaded to buy this product.

In this print ad there are various offers available which in a way persuade people to buy this product.

Their sale offer is persuading people to buy as much stuff as they want to because of the cheap prices they are offering now.