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Can cinnamon help ease Parkinson's disease?

Natural candles made with waxes of soy, beeswax and palm. Enjoy the benefits that soy candles offer such as strong fragrance, clean burning and low soot.

As with many herbs used medicinally or as a spice juniper berries should be used sparingly. Think flavoring, not food. They irritate the kidneys and are diuretic. Juniper extracts should be avoided. They may be fatal.

Reducing your risk of catching the flu has nothing to do with the flu shot and everything to do with personal hygiene, leading a healthy lifestyle, and boosting your body's immune system.

Eva Longoria wows in silver gown with plunging neckline at Cannes

Wow factor: Eva Longoria arrived at the Cannes Film Festival Global Gift Gala in a plungin...

Υγεία - Τραφείτε σαν… μωρό για να χάσετε βάρος

SOS για όλους: Πώς να αυξήσετε την φερριτίνη στο αίμα σας – Κίνδυνος αναιμίας -

12 Ways to Get Rid of Gas & Bloating

12 Extraordinary Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Gas & Bloating. What are the best natural remedies to get rid of gas and bloating? In this post, you will learn some simple tips but really effective to boost your digestive health. Shared by

Poop pills are latest way to cure dangerous C. diff infections, new study shows

"Nettle is a very nurturing and nourishing plant, but it is perhaps its high iron content and strong connection with nitrogen and the soil that give it its powerful, deep supporting action. My experience with nettle for grounding, supporting and reinstalling an earthed resonance is in using nettle hydrosols. Nettle hydrosol carries this deep, earthy, nourishing and rhythmic force." -Cathy Skipper on herbs for depression

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