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NOODLES WORK is another great game that incorporates math and movement! View 2016 CIRA Conference delegates below playing NOODLES WORK with Andy Raithby, author of Counting on Fun, leading the relay. Noodles Work in action: For the full game description, go to: For more great games with a numeracy focus, check out CIRA's "Counting on Fun" resource at: #noodleswork #numeracy

FOR PARENTS & EDUCATORS These games and activities will help you inspire your kids to learn more about math and science through the sports y...

Health And Physical Education Activities In Elementary Schools

This is a non-tagging game that has students running and exercising throughout the game. Students try to grab bean bags from other teams' hula hoops. The team with the most bean bags in their hula hoop wins.

Connect Four Hoops Relay is a game that will get your students thinking on the move! CIRA Executive, Andy Raithby, shared this awesome relay at the annual CIRA Conference this past April. Check out the relay in action below! Relay in action: For full game description, go to: For more great games, go to: #CIRA #fun #play #connectfour #connect4 #connect4relay #relay #hooprelay

Triangle Tag - Try to tag the player at the end of the two yellow noodles using a pool noodle. Once a player is tagged, they become the tagger and rotate players through.