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Explore Photography Edition, Styling Photography and more! | She was the face of a Goddess | Model: Luana Araújo Beauty: William Cruz Styling, photography & edition: Anna Theodora | கோபப் பார்வை | Clicked at Kaveripatnam near Krishnagiri during the Mahasivarathri festival. | Como los árboles | Since trees... Modelo / Model : Zaida Rodríguez Grupo Fotografico: Mykelfashion Gracias por las visitas, favoritos y comentarios. Thank you so much for all the visits, comments & faves | Miss Aïcha from Bariba ethny, in Copargo with scarifications, Benin | Little girl from Copargo, Benin. In Benin, many ethnies use scarifications as a part of their culture. By seeing a face and the scars, you can guess to which tribe the people belongs. It was useful long time ago when people were fighting to get the power , now it has became a beauty sign. It can be done in the early age like for this little girl.

OMGeeee, eyes! If these eyes are untouched and truly exist, I don't think I have ever seen any as lovely as these. If eyes are the window to the soul, what a beautiful soul!