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Lattice Continous Loop Privacy Roller Shade

10 More Must-Have Pieces for Your Bohemian Home

10 More Must-Have Pieces for Your Bohemian Home

Forget Resolutions: Embrace a Yearly Mantra Instead

I am awesome at sticking to New Year's resolutions. For about two weeks. Then my resolve softens followed by a predictable petering out of whatever habit I was trying to form, a short bout of self-recrimination and, finally, a return to the former status quo. So a few years ago I ditched the idea of resolutions and came up with something better...a mantra.

Unique Ways Of Displaying Photographs In Your Home

There are many different ways of showing off the many memorable photos that you have in the house. Whether it’s of you alone, or something you did with family and friends, how you display your pho…

House Tour: A Renovated East London Edwardian Flat