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Prepworks from Progressive International GT-3973 Can Colander Prepworks from Progressive

Collapsible Round Party Carrier

No more throwaway plastic. These reusable silicone bags hold way more than snacks—and they go from pantry to freezer, microwave, and dishwasher.

Canning Funnel

FINALLY a funnel that doesn't let jam spill all over the top of the jar - it takes extra time to wipe excess off to ensure a good seal. Look what I found on #zulily! Canning Funnel #zulilyfinds

Kitchen Maestro Pizza Scissors, (1

Yes, we can reinvent the wheel! Instead of frustratingly hacking away with your old fashioned traditional pizza wheel, you will love Kitchen Maest...

Yellow & Green Flip Grater

Check out this amazing life saving bottle that can provide you cleanest drinking water on the Go. A perfect gadget for all of you who like to travel around!