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3-Pairs Crystal Cubic Zirconia CZ Skull & Hamsa Hand Stud Earring Set / AZERFH487-SCL-HAL Arras Creations

Rhodiumized Houndstooth Print Elephant Earring Set / AZERFH179-SBR Arras Creations

Austrian Crystal Rhinestone Anklet - Color Silver / AZANPI005-SCL Arras Creations

Gemstone Turquoise Aged-Silver Color Metal Necklace & Earring Set / AZFJGE007-TUR Arras Creations

Betty Boop Earrings / AZERFHB17-GML Arras Creations

Gold Tone Rhinestone Necklace & Earring Set Pageant Prom Wedding Party / AZBLRH038-GPK Arras Creations

Betty Boop Heart Earrings / AZERFHB03-GML Arras Creations

Antique Gold Chandelier Filigree Earring Set / AZBTTE011-GCL Arras Creations

Trendy Fashion Chandelier Dangle Antique Silver Turquoise Stone Earring / AZERVT834-ATU Arras Creations

Patriotic Flag Earrings / AZERFH045-SRB Arras Creations