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What a CLEVER, CLEVER story! Can be read purely for entertainment! But can also be read to teach listening skills and/or help with writing skills. For you see... Once upon a time there was a pencil school.... and Ms. 2, the teacher assigned the students to write a story.... Little Red (the red pencil) wanted her story to be a journey through the school. She had a basket of 15 red word to use, if needed. So she began... Read this fun story to find out what happens to

Julia Donaldson's Where's My Mom? Book Activity

This book is very intriguing! I LOVE the sub-title: "Discover the powerful experiences you're already having." YES! All of us are having experiences...even powerful experiences...but do we acknowledge them? I liked this statement from the book: "Each of us has stories and we need to take time to remember them and then share them or write them down." Then the authors share stories from their own lives to "spring-board" us into thinking about the similar stories in our own…

Teach your #children to tell #time with these 15 educational #books. Great for #homeschoolers |

What a great, concrete way to practice sequencing-- students sort pre-cut images of story events into separate parts of a divided tray.

29 Clever Organization Hacks For Elementary School Teachers

Use shoe racks to create extra shelf space on desks. | 29 Clever Organization Hacks For Elementary School Teachers

Here are is a fun get to know you game to use with your class at the start of the year. You can play in two ways: either give your students time to...