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Steyr HS M1 “Shorty” Bolt-action .50 BMG from Steyr Arms. The HS M1 uses a 5 round magazine located on the left hand side of the receiver. The original Steyr HS was a single shot bolt action rifle. This one is different in that it has a shortened barrel and a different muzzle brake. Normally the HS M1 has a 34″ long barrel but this one is much shorter. (GRH)

Receiver side of a Savage Lee Enfield No4 Mk1

A short double barreled side by side coach gun was the primary defense of western stage coaches, and the term "riding shotgun" refers to the right hand top seat next to the driver.

Steyr HS .50 M1 “Shorty” What I initially thought was a custom rifle, is in fact a factory model from Steyr, of which only 15 were brought into the U.S, at least according to the seller. Could be easily verified with Steyr. It has a new muzzle brake and a 24″ barrel, making it much shorter that the original HS .50 and HS .50 M1, all of which are chambered in .50 BMG. Note that this is a magazine fed model, you can see the mag on the left hand side. (GRH)

Fabarm FP6 Italian made 12 gauge shotgun that was imported into the U.S by Heckler & Koch. Most if not all FP6′s will be marked HK somewhere on the receiver. They were available in different configurations; from your standard shotgun stock, to pistol gripped stocks, and a couple side-folding stocks. The one in the photo has the rather uncommon full-size magazine tube extension. Generally it was a rather obscure, looked over shotgun, but it did appear in one of the Call of Duty games a few…