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Coming up on BuzzFeed Ladylike: we go to different beauty counters to get date night looks and I try a lip color I am pretty sure Brian will not like WHOOPS SORRY! by itskristinchirico

Pictures on the left are from the end of March and the ones on the right are from last night! I already see progress! #weightlossjourney #lowcarb #ontrack #weightloss by ashrinkingqueen

Ladylike from Buzzfeed try on their old prom dresses

Fat is beautiful. Here we are. Each human posseses a beauty in a way unique to them that can shine or dim. Recognition of the stunning qualities you have in and out allows others to see you this way too. The connection of inspiring each other to love ourselves has been exalting for me. I can tell you if not for the love from my #bodypositivesisters - you wouldn't be seeing this today. Some may see this and believe I am advocating an unhealthy lifestyle. Not at all - I am touting the…

Clay mask might not be great on fur even though #Isabellethecat was quite curious. Try it on combination oily or congested skin and you'll love it. @merumaya is gorgeous #British brand worth checking out. #30plusblogs #skincare #marumaya #mask #claymask #beauty #bblogger #cat #cute #photobomb by socialbeautify

Ladylike from Buzzfeed try on their old prom dresses