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5. Bend and hook a small ring through the charm.

7. Thread charm onto cord and follow with a clear bead and another silver bead.

10. Attach circular paperclip to jump-ring.

8. Thread loop of clampable end-cap onto bookmark. Hint: use tape to form ends of chord into a single, think point.

9. Tie a knot in the chord just after the end-cap; then cut off loose ends of cord, and use pliers to bend circle of end-cap down and then crimp the body closed.

4. Pull cord so that both ends are even, and thread both ends through a silver bead.

2. Cut a 6-inch length of elastic cord.

1. The ingredients: Elastic cording, pliers, round paperclips, crimpable end-cap, clear beads, silver beads. small jump-rings, small rings, charms (I used crosses)

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