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I grew up in Christian home and an iranian home. Its hard to choose between the customs of each religion. Do I wear a traditional head covering..

This is good information. And although I highly respect the women, I don't really respect any culture that makes women cover up their bodies to hide them. Just my opinion. But of course I will always be respectful enough to call the garments by their correct word and never disrespect any of these women.

So happy that they included Judaism in this, we usually get forgotten even though you can see the Jewish lady's clavicles, which is a part that should be covered (I think)

Women In Sweden Wear Headscarves After Muslim Woman Is Assaulted

to be clear: i am not muslim, however i fully support muslims and have muslim friends. i realize that often they have beliefs against the LGBT+ community- hpwever, as long as they are still respectful to us, which many are, i will still fight for them.

The Prophet Lifestyle --- lets all try our best to make our lifrstyle like this .. and in sha allah problems will shed from you like leaves.on a autumnal tree...