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Antique American Military Uniform: Civil War Era 7th Regiment New York National Guard Coat 1850's Scovill Buttons |

A blue wool short jacket with tight weave pattern sharing characteristics of late war construction, trimmed with two welts of narrow red braid (similar to Birney?s Zouaves) giving the illusion of a false vest, with distinct sky blue cuffs beneath interwoven red sleeve braiding of unknown regimental association.

Union Zouave uniform, ca. 1861-1863. The flamboyant French-inspired Zouave uniform was once the cutting edge of military fashion. Both Union and Confederate troops wore variations of the Zouave outfit. However, the rigors of war soon proved the Zouave impractical. The pantaloons easily ripped and the fine trim on the coat was soon mangled.

Close up view of the left arm cuff on an Imperial Russian Crimean War Hussar's military jacket, circa 1855. This is for an officer of the 12th Regiment, showing the gold bullion cord frogging and cuff braid.

9th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment, also called "New York Zouaves" or "Hawkins Zouaves".