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Normal-Sized Guys Who Are Freakishly Strong Tell You How They Did It

The following three men look totally non-descript—they’re not big or small, simply average sized. But in the weight room they’re anything but ordinary. They’re freaks of fitness with the ability to perform truly amazing feats of strength. Think of them as Clark Kents, who—when it’s time to lift—morph into Super Men. Follow their strength secrets and you, too, can become super human.

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6 Moves to Sculpt Beach Abs

Another pinner said: "This has got to be my all time fave :) My secret to how I got my abs!!!"

14-Day Abs Challenge

14-Day Abs Challenge with FREE Workout Calendar. Click image to get started! #abs #workout

The Rock's Complete 'Hercules' Meal Plan

Train Like The Rock, Dwayne Johnson #boomfitness

Sugar Detox - 7 Easy Days

If you're like me, you don't have a lot of time and simplicity is key. For that reason, I thought I'd share a favorite quick workout that you can do at home. I threw in a few healthy diet reminders as well. Read the rest of this blog at lose weight, health, diet, nutrition, healthy living, wellness, nutrition, weight loss, fitness, exercise

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Hit your lower half from all angles with this quick, grueling circuit