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Bubble and Squeak Rösti

Bubble and Squeak, one of my fav old fashioned dishes. On Sundays I always make more roast potatoes and veg than I need so that I can make this delicious dish on Mondays. Mash the potatoes and vegetables together, salt and pepper, make either small ones or one large and cook in a frying pan. I use goose fat to fry this in until brown on each side and I top with bacon and a poached or fried egg

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Green skirt slit at the sides, pop tab chain mail front thingy, brown shirt (baggy button up would do), craft foam pauldrons, foam or paper mâché breastplate, belts, craft foam gauntlets. Sexy warrior elf

6 Easy Lunch Kabobs for Back to School

Six Easy Lunch Kabobs that are perfect for back to school! Keep your kids interested and excited for lunch each day with these fun kabobs!

Balmain | Brown Taupe Low Rise Leather Pants