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red-figured neck-amphora: side a, Achilles and Penthesilea. "[S]he wears anaxyrides [trousers] of the usual pattern, shoes, kidaris with flat top, and a short chiton with apoptygma, tied with a dotted girdle." 4th C BCE Greece. British Museum number 1873,0820.368. Trousers probably patterned språng, based on fit and pattern.

This spectacular compilation of elevations, Greek vases, is the fruit of a collaboration between Lord Hamilton and Hugues d’Hancarville (1719-1805), an amateur art dealer.

Etruscan. (The notes say the woman is handing the warrior his sword for battle. .. I can think of 2 other notions in the artist's imagination .. )

Three Revelers Euthymides red-figure amphora Archaic period 600-480 BCE Google Image Result for

Red-figured hydria with a scene at Agamemnon’s tombc.350-320 BC, Campanian Orestes and Pylades find Electra mourning, and together they plan to kill their mother Clytemnestra and her lover Aegisthus. The scene may have been inspired by Aeschylus’ tragedy The Choephoroi. (Source: The British Museum)

Bell krater style of the Niobid painter Athens, Greece, c. 450 B.C. terracotta Art Institute of Chicago (Source:

Ceramic red-figure bathing vessel (loutrophoros) depicting a bridal procession. Greek. Classical Period. 450–425 B.C. | Museum of Fine Arts, Boston