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I need to start playing with Legos again.

After Effects Project Files - Quantum HUD Infographic | VideoHive

Amazing how far the believability of Tech has come. That ridiculousness on her leg. lol! : Maren Jensen :: Battlestar Galactica 1979

Star Trek Voyager - Jeri Ryan (Seven of Nine), on set during celebrations of Star Trek Voyager's 100th episode "Timeless" 1998.

This 114 Year Old Silent Film is The First Science Fiction Movie Ever Made

All the way back in 1902, human beings started imagining what a journey to the Moon would look like. Just 67 years after The Trip to the Moon debuted in theaters, the first human beings walked on the Moon for real—and the real version played out quite a bit differently. Now that this classic Sci-Fi epic is 114 years old, let's take a look at six key differences between what our ancestors thought that journey would look like versus how it all actually went down.