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If I was to nominate a dish that most typifies the essence of the Pendolino restaurant experience, this simple dish of spinach and cheese ravioli would probably be it. Many of our regulars don’t even ask for the menu, they simply order the ravioli and that’s the end.

The very simple flavours in this dish work really well with any fish, and you can change the herbs as you like. Add chilli or finely sliced ginger; do whatever you like, just add flavour and enjoy.

This is the dish that really helped to put my restaurants on the map and one I’ve cooked at least 50,000 times (I reckon I have nailed it now … ha-ha). It’s got a lot going for it—it is easy, impressive and moreish.

Crab-and-Goat Cheese Wonton Ravioli with Tomato Sauce

Beet Ravioli with Goat Cheese, Ricotta and Mint Filling

Thanks to eatlove, we're sharing this super quick and warming recipe by Nino Zoccali, chef and restaurateur of La Rosa and Pendolino restaurants, from his book Pasta Artigiana.  Ingredients…