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“In my world, it’s always one dive, one kick, and one stroke at a time. These simple steps are what brought me here today - a champion.” – Yeoh Ken Nee

"I smell like chlorine, I see only blue. Water, is my world." - Yeoh Ken Nee

"It's when I start breaking the boundaries of my fear and stop putting limits on myself that I finally succeeded. You just got to take the plunge!" - Yeoh Ken Nee

"It's alright to fear water, the unknown depth, anything. Fear is plenty practical, it's your fuel to keep going. I've been fearing the height for past 20 years and I stood here today an Olympian." - Yeoh Ken Nee

I was a swimmer in High School. Swimming may not get you buff, but you expend more calories by swimming than you ever will with running or land sports. Also, the cardio is a kicker! (no pun intended.)

Super sore from all the fun in the sun day yesterday!!!! Can barely move my arms...... can't wait for the weekend!