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Potluck at my house. You ever notice how the people who bring the least or nothing, always eat the most and bring Tupperware to take stuff home...?

A delicious No-Bake Biscoff Cookie Butter Cheesecake, sprinkled with more biscuits and whipped cream – Spiced Cookie Heaven. Okay so I am a little obsessed with Cheesecake as you might have noticed… But theres nothing wrong with that? Right? Anyway… This is utterly delicious and different to my other cheesecakes – the Cookie Butter creates a delicious spiced flavour compared to the sweetness of the others on my blog. This cheesecake suits all of the needs of loving Speculoos/Biscoff, No-bake…

Beautiful dining room. Love everything about this the colour of the walls the pictures, the comfy seating - a room to entertain friends and family that is cosy yet stylish

Blue Spotty Fused Glass Bird

New Kitchen Colours

deVOL-kitchens-blog-Cotes Mill-colours-samples-palette-Damask-Lead-Putty-Old Rose-Linen-Mushroom-Pantry Blue-Cararra-Marble-worktop-samples-simple-vintage-style

Eat your way to winter health! Ward off flu, colds and even cancer with one doctor's new immunity-boosting combination diet (and you could even lose weight, too)

Superfoods\ This is not easy but my heart Dr & ALL in the heart cath lab say they have seen AMAZING results~ I want to live, not just EXIST- GOT TO MAKE CHANGES..Follow me, this is pretty exciting to have a chance to be healthy again!

"For a country version of fitted wardrobes, build a bank of cupboards of different sizes and front them with stable-style doors and oversized ‘farmyard’ ironmongery." Photograph Credit: Camera Press / ACP / Michael Wee.

Fabric Pin Board Tutorial

Are you restyling or redecorating your home, want to add a personal touch. This tutorial includes a step by step guide on what you need and how to create your own fabric pinboard. Use a fun fabric print (do you like my chickens!) or choose a fabric that matches your soft furnishings. Click through to read the full instructions to make your own notice board. Or pin this for later.

home made notice board and cute button pins

Dahi puri. Omg this stuff is so pod it's unbelievable! :D