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I would like to think that over the past nine years and three adopted children, I have learned a little something about attachment and connection.

You might think aggressive kids needs a tough response, but sometimes there is more to the story. Learn how shame plays a role in your child's aggressive behavior, and how to respond.

Using positive adoption language is beneficial for not only those involved in the adoption plan but anyone else who may be over hearing our conversations. Our words impact others.

​If I had to tell you all of the ways that my life has been blessed by Illustrated Faith, I would be here all day. Seriously. This movement and community are such a big part of my life and with that my spirit has been enriched. The most recent blessing has been the opportunity to create a stamp set for …

God is the author of hope. As a foster parent you allow God to use you to share that hope with children and teens who desperately need to know that there is something better.

Aww, sweet!!!! So true...a mother placing a child into a better opportunity is the greatest act of love AND choosing to adopt a baby is another act of love!

Exploring adoption themes through play is a healthy way to get young children talking about adoption

Answering the Rude Questions regarding homeschooling, adoption, special needs parenting or anything else that sets you apart

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