Prepare a “smile box” to have on hand when an upset child needs time to settle down. Place in a decorated box items such as a stress ball, a container of silly putty, and small puzzles. When a child is having trouble calming down, invite her to choose a “smile” item from the box. Then lead her to a quiet corner of the room where she can play with the item until she calms down.

Here's a handy way to motivate positive behavior. Display a personalized hand die-cut for each child. Each day that a child demonstrates good behavior, give him a star sticker to attach to a finger on his hand cutout. After he has five stars, give him his cutout along with a reward or special prize. Replace his hand cutout so he will be ready to earn a star the next week.

When Feelings Overwhelm: How to Help a Child. Collection of Activities, #Printables, Products and Books for children, teachers and parents about coping with anxiety, anger and other overwhelming emotions.

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