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Tron Meyer's Risa staircase rethinks a familiar architectural feature as an engineered product, manufactured from a single material and designed to offer a sustainable alternative to more standard designs.

Wonderwood International Pty Ltd. Wonderwood specialises in an extensive range of Australian timber flooring products at unbeatable wholesale prices on engineered solid timber, solid timber and laminate flooring.

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Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) products have consistent dimensions and density. They’re also straighter and stronger, pound-for-pound, than traditional timber.

Will Skyscrapers of the Future Be Built From Wood?

Will Skyscrapers of the Future Be Built From Wood? Why cross-laminated timber might become the newest trend in urban architecture. Tall wood buildings use mass timber products, which are large wood panels engineered for strength by adhering smaller wood pieces together. A single panel can be as long as 64 feet, as wide as eight feet, and as thick as 16 inches. Builders use these timber products for the main structural frame, and then rely on concrete and steel only at locations in the…

What’s special about this West Vancouver house? Its main building material, for starters. It is the first house in North America to be build using Cross-Laminated Timber! British Columbia wood!