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Simple eyes that will help over dramatize a face to bring out emotion. . . these are mostly used on Anime characters.

Steam and Smoke by sherrae78

*editted* OMG THANK YOU FOR THE DD!!! *screams and runs in a circle* really, it was very unexpected of my art getting such an honor thank you all ♥ *hugs* It was fun painting the city though ...

Ouran Highschool Host Club Graduates: Kaoru Hitachiin

This is one of the most amazing Ouran Highschool Host Club fan arts I have ever seen. <3 HIKARU AND KAORU! my favourite characters

RIFT concept art contest tainted by copycat design [Updated with Trion's investigation]

Misa: Done making a request from Setsuna, she asked for a chainsaw katana? So I made (the second one) for her! I added some cool most effects and what not! :D I'm also giving away the other 4! (Except the second one)