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100,000.00 too 100,000.00 200,000.00 too @1future lets f*** up some commas"" let's f*** up some commas"" yea @Nike @thejuelzsantana

Pardon me @S_C_ on behalf of the FNL staff of controversial individualized entertainers; The "FNL" Headquarters have noticed a disturbance and or disruption that I & or thè facilitized FNL organization may not contribute and or partake within due too (conflict of interest) as a token/sign of sincerity @ashanti & @bbbkiedsz would & only could imagine thè sound of forever @S_C_ & @NICKIMINAJ would make dueled; due too popular demand we would Continued @bbbkiedsz on Instagram New upgraded music I like

@TEYANATAYLOR & @bbbkiedsz

Church; I went to church last week, & the collection plate went around 3 times, in the first 10 minutes I said dæm; I had to pace myself; I just started putting coupons in it, lik buy 1 whopper get your second whopper half price, get 10% off your next oil change at meineke.....

@CoogiBrand Id like u to send @DeJLoaf @OfficialWillow @CamilleWinbush @AshliAmari & @cailamarsai a 3pack of @CoogiBrand sweaters from; múã

Please visit- DeVon, Pennsylvania