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"We were having dinner across town when our Ring Video Doorbell alarm sounded. We have told our UPS man about our system and that was the first time we were away from home when he stopped by to deliver a package." - Steven (North Bend, OR)

"Surprised mailman is introduced to the Ring Video Doorbell for the very first time!" - Michael (Marion, Ohio)

"Fedex bowling my delivery, captured on Ring Video Doorbell." - Ronnie (Pomona, NY)

"I ordered a TV and the FedEx guy called me as I wasn't home at the time. I asked him to please deliver it anyways as i have a Ring Video Doorbell camera." - Steve (Lake Elsinore, CA)

"Even if I don't get to the phone in time, I can still see where he left the parcel with Ring Video Doorbell." - Donald (Wapping, London)

"With Ring Video Doorbell, I never have to take a trip to the post office again to collect parcels." - Matthew (Isle of Man, British Crown)

"Royal Mail ringing the bell and putting item in a safe place on my instruction :) Ring Video Doorbell saved me going 10 miles out my way!" - Stephen (South Wales, UK)

"Ring Video Doorbell is amazing. It has always bugged me how I miss packages from FedEx. Now I just ask them to return later to give me a chance to sign the tag. Coupled with my remote garage door opener, it's a perfect solution." - Christopher (San Antonio, TX)

"Delivery Driver was obviously impressed with our remarkable door bell!" - Paul (Hampshire, UK)

""My wife was about to reject a FedEx delivery that I was expecting but I was able to interject (remotely) thanks to Ring Video Doorbell!" - Craig (Toronto, Ontario)