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Handmade Holidays: 5 DIY Green Gifts

gift of paperwhites – which are a nice reminder of spring in the middle of winter. Paperwhite bulbs + mason jars + colorful stones. Water with one part gin and five parts water to stunt their growth, or one part rubbing alcohol and ten parts water.

baileys, cocoa and marshmallows (or recipe on )

Cookie mix in a jar. Look out friends and fam: these homemade holiday gifts might be heading your way.

Banana Bread in-a-jar: DIY Wedding Favors

Banana Bread In-A-Jar. If you put a canning lid on them when they first come out of the oven, they seal, and they will stay good for about two months. I've given my parents dessert in a jar for Christmas for years. You can also do pumpkin bread, carrot cake, and applesauce cake. You can do it with any moist