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The landscapes and seascapes of Puget Sound are a constant source of inspiration for my photography. This picture of a tranquil Carr Inlet reflecting the puffy clouds and blue sky was photographed from Penrose Point State Park, Washington State, USA.

Because of its striking beauty, Mount Shuksan in North Cascades National Park is one of the most photographed mountains in the world. This picture of the mountain, reflected in water was taken from Picture Lake in the Mount Baker National Forest in Washington State, USA.

For a few weeks every year, the meadows of Mount Rainier are filled with an amazing variety of wildflowers. The earliest blooms come as the last of the winter snow is melting. Depending on elevation, summer weather and the amount of snow, the blooming season can be July through September. This photograph was taken in late September at Paradise Meadows in Mount Rainier National Park, Washington State, USA.

South of Olympia, the capitol of Washington State, there is a mounded prairie that defies scientific explanation. Although there are many arguable theories as to their existence, no one can question the beauty of the Mima Mounds as they put on a colorful display of wildflowers every year. The blue Camas flowers dominate the prairie grassland in this spring scene.

Wetland At The Refuge

The National Wildlife Refuges are great places to view and photograph wildlife. Quite often, I find myself more inspired by the natural beauty of these treasured places than by the wildlife that live there. Some of my best landscape pictures were taken at wildlife refuges. This photograph was taken at the Sacramento National Wildlife Refuge in California, USA.

Sunsets over the Pacific Ocean can be colorful and spectacular. In this scene the clouds on the horizon parted just as the sun set. This picture was taken at Rockaway Beach, Oregon, USA.

Mount Rainier, in Washington State, is the highest peak in the Cascade Range at 14,410'. The sub-alpine meadows that surround the mountain put on a brilliant display of wildflowers every summer. This meadow of lupine and bistort was photographed at Spray Park, just north of the mountain near Mowich Lake. Because of reduced winter snowfall and an unseasonably warm June, the wildflower season came early in 2015. This scene, shot in June would normally not be seen until late July.

Pond At Damon Point

Jutting into Grays Harbor, Damon Point has miles of beach walking and is one of the best places in the state to view wildlife. Damon Point is near the town of Ocean Shores, Washington State, USA. This photograph was taken on a rare sunny and warm day in February.