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If you don't fit in, then you're probably doing the right thing (although why there's the American Eagle eagle there I have no idea, since that's basically the epitome of fitting in to society's ideal characteristics)

You take away 30 years of his life and give him 75 dollars? I think he deserves like $20million for that.

Long time ago, I lived in a nice apt. complex in Stone Mountain, Ga.. Just outside of Atlanta. Rent for a 1 bdr 1 bath was $400 a month. About a year before the Olympics were held in Atlanta, I learned that the same apartment was renting for $950 a month! Thousands of people lost their apartments and condos because they couldn't afford the price hike. Rent STILL haven't changed much since then either.

This is disgusting, she did the right fucking thing by standing up to a fucking bullh and everything she said was true, if more young childen understood this, it would probably lead toless bullying starting at younv age, meaning less bullies by secondary school

B-but son you are so beautiful tanned. Babes, that's my skin colour, are you trying to cal me dark? ;) Anyway, what I'm saying is YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL NO MATTER WHAT!

You KNOW something's wrong with the education system when people hope for disasters, fake illness, consider killing themselves, hoping they have an appointment, or hoping they're going on a trip and they're leaving on a school day. Basically, hoping for ANYTHING to get out of school.