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#Fantasy #Dystopian #Paranormal #Romance Leliel: “I see the Council has once again chosen to disregard my warning about the Conclave. I can only assume they are prepared to accept responsibility for the consequences of their decision.” Sariel: “And what might that be, dear brother?” Leliel: “The death of those we’ve been given to protect, of course.”

Angel Remnant Wall Plaque

Angel wall plaque - This Remnant Angel wall plaque has broken corner and rough edges. That makes it look like it comes from antiquity. At 25" high by 18"wide it is large enough to be a stand alone piece. Comes in the rustic fiberstone finishes.


"What does the fact that we have over 100,000 kids waiting in foster care in the US say to those kids about the church, about God, about His power and provision? We can't look the other way, waiting for someone else to do it. A remnant can’t do this job; it’s going to take an army. The God of angel armies is calling, entreating His people to stand up, denounce selfishness, throw off procrastination and bury apathy. It’s time for all of us to ask boldly what our part is."

The world has always been divided into good and evil…and some humans are called to fight for one or the other. Cassandra Graystone and others like her are born to battle the proliferating demons as the end-of-days approach. She is fated to receive the sword of the angels, warrior-beings who will stand beside her as she battles the demons for herself, her family, friends, and for the last remnants of humanity–for afterwards those remaining will have one last chance to save their souls.