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Place Value - How Much Is Your Initial Worth?

Place Value - How Much Is Your Initial Worth? For higher grade levels, use the full name or names of places. For an addition activity, have a child add his first name result to his last name result and use the manipulatives to self-check.

Fraction Multiplication Lesson {ppt, interactive student notes, practice sheet}

Math Mat Challenge Game - Learning Resources - 5 - 7 Years - FAO Schwarz®

Teaching Multiplication Arrays with a Hole Punch

Anne- The students have to figure out the answer to the equation, then they have to hole punch the answer on the colored piece of paper. This can be adapted for any grade/math concept. Apply properties of operations as strategies to multiply and divide.

Fraction Rules Poster or Handout

You know, I don't mind "cheat sheets" that help kids remember algorithms, but calling them "rules" sets kids up to dislike math. Ask anybody who has math anxiety, and they'll say, "math has too many rules...." Why not call them "techniques" or "recipes?"