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EPBOT: An Everyday Geek Girl Tries An "Everyday" Corset - Lucy has about a bajillion video reviews of all the major corset brands, and over at her website she has helpful lists of corset sellers broken down by price range, style, dimensions, etc.

"Sem Limites" (Without Limits). Travel wing tattoo done by Piranha at Well Done Tattoos in Buenos Aires. Inspired by another (smaller) Pinterest tattoo. #tattoo #wingtattoo #traditionalstyle

Love this quote. Might actually switch it up - dream without limits. Love without fear shoulder tat

This Garry Orriss Tattoo Fine Art Poster is the Winner of the International Poster of the Year Award and was produced by GoArt Posters and the Garry Orriss studios. Posters are iconic tools not only for self expression, but are a vessel of information. Challenging the world in which we live. Some posters transcend beyond the limits of its creation, thus becoming an international language without borders. This Garry Orriss tattoo poster is printed on the back in several languages and is by…