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This Is What Victoria's Secret Swimsuits Look Like On Non-Models. Meant to be more of a goofy thing, but the end message is kinda sweet.

This young German is as if sleeping in his final resting place. Whenever possible, the Germans would use wooden coffins for their KIAs and bury them in clean uniforms.

Politicians,people have to learn how to talk like President Barack Obama which most world leaders lack.Just listen to his English.! He will never say English words."You know "! "You know" ! Repeatedly which makes hearing boring.You Know ! Is not words to keep repeating it frequently.That's shows poor knowledge of great universal language English.

The world is changing rapidly and far more dramatically than we ever imagined. So many horrible things take place right under our noses and many of us, unbeknownst to us, are an instrumental part of it: Pray to the LORD that He will safeguard you from the judgment to come on this world, then read with your KJV Bible,, that you might know His mercy.