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Capacity is expressed in the present. It is immediate. The key to it lies not in what we have inside of us, but rather in what we are willing to own that we have inside of us.

The key to intimacy is the commitment to honesty and to the radical forgiveness necessary in order for honesty to be safe.

The more you move toward what makes you feel good, and move away from those things that bring you distress and pain, the healthier you will be.

The cornerstone of the ego’s teaching is: “The Son of God is guilty.” The cornerstone of the Holy Spirit’s teaching is: “The Son of God is innocent.”

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“Death shall be the last enemy,” said Jesus. What he meant was that we would no longer perceive death as an enemy. The spirit does not die, but rather enters new channels of life.

We help another person access their highest by accessing our own. Growth comes from focus on our own lessons, not on someone else’s. A Course in Miracles teaches that “only what you have not given can be lacking in any situation.”

Silent contemplation, or meditation, is as important a factor in spiritual transformation as is prayer. Along with reading spiritual literature, prayer and meditation form the backbone of our daily practice.

Write down everything you want in your life. Then take off the brakes. What would it be like to let your creative talents or your true self manifest fully? By doing this, you will be able to identify and change the limiting beliefs that are blocking you from accomplishing all that you can do and be.