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It's the Cerus scarf (free pattern) which uses linen st but this one has a difference ... See he blog post for details.

Learn one simple trick to knit linen stitch with neat edges. Take your knitting to the next level with this easy video tutorial that helps SO MUCH when knitting socks, scarves and cowls.

.I keep baskets full of raw wool in lovely colors like fine art work sitting around , and when I get stressed or feel creative I spin them or twist and knit . RP by the cool iPad for showering with your tablet ;)

mirrormirror's Missoni for ME Scarf

I cast on 600 stitches, and knitted through the back loops at the beginning and end of every row leaving a short length of yarn. I then pulled the yarn tightly to create a self-fringe. I did one row only per colour (which took 6-7 yards of yarn). I ended up doing 82 rows and the scarf is just over 6 inches wide. It grew in blocking and is about 9 ft long, and wraps twice round my neck easily. You could probably go shorter.

As much as I love these different projects I keep seeing with linen stitch and beautiful colorful yarns you'd think I'd be making one already...

How to Mix Yarn & Finally Use Up Your Stash Yarn

Say buh-bye to even your smallest scraps of stash yarn when you use these tips to mix yarn of different weights, fibers and brands together in one project.