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Subjects tend to be women; art; cats; impressionism; Ron Swanson; alcohol; globes; astronomy; Buffy; Firefly; atheism; feminism; leftist politics; music; waffles; maps; superheroes; nature; trees; legendary creatures; psychedelia; and ethereal ephemera.

drawing this on my toaster? why yes I will.

Riding invisible horses... before it was cool

Happy Murray Christmas, everyone! We've told you why we're thankful for Mr. Tom Hanks, now we're here to show everyone how Bill Murray, ... View "Have a Murray Christmas: a Celebration of Bill Murray" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor

i just met you and this is crazy but heres my labyrinth i stole your baby

DIY Vintage Chic: Top Ten Tuesday ~ T-Rex ~ No. 56

Snuffleupagus. I want this on a T-Shirt.

Simon Pegg Photobombs Tom Cruise! Awesome!

28 Impresionantes accesorios que toda chica Gamer desea

Gane over

DIY Luke and Vader Lightswitch

Luke or Vader, Choose your opition.