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This my whacky Ward's Fuzzyland World.Fuzzyz are from the mind of Susie Hartney w/Windstone Editions

10 Classic Bubble Cars & Microcars of the Past (and Present

Classic microcars and bubble cars were popular after World War 2, including the Messerschmitt KR175, and have seem a resurgence in recent times with Smart.

Million dollar technology for the beauty parlor. Perhaps the most freakish mad-scientist-looking beauty device of the 1920s was the permanent waving machine. Designed to give a woman a head of springy curls, it also (temporarily) made her look like the Bride of Frankenstein, waiting for a jolt of lightning.

Oblivian(repaint) OW and curled dragons,produced at Windstone Editions

Merry Christmas from Ki-Rins and card from Melody Pena at Windstone Editions

Here are my Pebbles from Melody Pena at Windstone Editions.LPs.

I painted these for a Windstone forum member.She loved them.2014

A variety of smaller Windstone Editions.They needed to stretch their legs and wings for a bit before climbing back into the their boxes.