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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rx-sZoJC-6M The backstory of the Maier files series, http://maier-files.com/shop/ Welcome to some background information on the Maier-files series. It is surprising the ...

12 Futuristic Forms of Government That Could One Day Rule the World

As history has repeatedly shown, political systems come and go. Given our rapid technological and social advances, it's a trend we can expect to continue. Here are 12 extraordinary — and even frightening — ways our governments could be run in the future.

Charge p/FISENGE: O Estado Brasileiro e os torturadores da ditadura militar... by @CarlosLatuff


In this post we will cover the topic of connection between the “Vatican” “The Black Pope” and the “Order of Jesuits” during World War II. Solid facts in plain sight. But how many will take time to see the facts?

Osvaldo Orlando da Costa, or Osvaldão, was a leftist revolutionary killed in 1974. 6'5" and 220lbs, he earned a degree in Engineering in Czechoslovakia and was a champion boxer in Rio de Janeiro. As member of the Brazilian Communist party, he enlisted to fight against Brazil' brutal dictatorship. Osvaldão was shot in the heart, strapped to a helicopter by foot and displayed as a trophy to those opposing the regime. He was then decapitated. His remains were never found. He was 34 years old.

DITADURA MILITAR NO BRASIL - uniao nacional dos estudantes em tempos de ditadura - Tempos muito dificeis...

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