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Just ordered this! AquaCera HCP Countertop Ceramic Plus Water Filter System by Aquacera,

The portable Travel Berkey filter is excellent and can even filter non-potable water in places or conditions where water pressure and electricity are not available.

Our Eco Carb Countertop Water Filter Purifier Red, along with our Eco Carb Water Filter Purifiers, will give you the best, healthiest water on earth. Read more at: #Water #Health

Hillsdale, NY

Our Propur Scout Portable Gravity Fed Fluoride #WaterFilter Purifier is Silver-impregnated to prevent bacteria growth.

Hurry and get our Eco Carb Counter ‘Top Pure’ Water Filter Purifier for just $99.99. Click the link: #Water #Health

New York City

Grayl Quest Water Filter Purifier Bottle purifies water in a matter of seconds. Good for international travel! #waterfilter #water

New York City

LifeStraw gives you clean water no matter what the circumstance! See

Drink more water, feel younger and live longer! Get our Katadyn Pocket Microfilter. #Water #Health

Hillsdale, NY

Our Aquacera RS-C12 Whole House #WaterFilter Salt Free Softener can remove volatile organic compounds, Trihalomethanes, and also industrial solvents from your water.