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San Boldo Pass (Passo San Boldo) is a small amazing mountain pass (underpass) located in the Italian Veneto region between the towns of Trichian and Tovena. The mountain pass was previously known as Passo Sant’Ubaldo and Umbaldopass.

The eco-friendly Karoleena Cabin is fully modular, modern and eco-minded from the inside out, set to transform new home dreams, recreational getaways and secondary suites into an attainable, lifelong reality, redefining the modern dwelling as we know it. Karoleena Cabins are made with the most sophisticated and sustainable products, and created by Karoleena’s top-notch team of designers, architects and engineers.

The Shahara Bridge in Yemen. This engineering marvel spans a sheer 300 foot deep canyon. Built in the early 17th Century, this famous bridge has stood the test of time. From both sides of the bridge the mountains parted and revealed a glimpse of the enormous valley. The bridge must be crossed in order to access the mountain fortress town of Shahara and its beautiful terraced fields.

#Marble_Caves in #Chile

Paleo-Art: Dinosaurs Come to Life in Stunning Illustrations

Unescoceratops koppelhusae (upper right) and Gryphoceratops morrisonii (lower left), new leptoceratopsid dinosaurs from Alberta, Canada. [See more artwork by Julius T. Csotonyi]

Passo San Boldo / Italy ... ahhh, winding Italy! This one is so f#$* much on my list when we drive to Venice later this year. It would perfectly match the Stelvio! ;)