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haha! happens to me all the time! But I end up crying cause I'm super emotional when I'm overly tired.

Until your dying day.

Writing Prompt -- Before death, someone vowed to "haunt you until your dying day". That person's ghost has been with you constantly for years now. This morning, however, you woke to find that the ghost was gone.

The 14 eternal struggles of being an over-thinker

Millions of people are constantly overthinking because they have a lot going on in their life and this causes them to stay up late just thinking, resulting in a lack of sleep. For this reason, it shows how overthinking is bad for our health.

43 Things Cat Owners Will Understand

Sleeping - the best thing ever! (At least in the mornings and middays at night - stay up ;D)

Javan Fish Owl. Pretty much how I look when I receive yet another telesales phone call........

Discover the Best Sleep Rituals and Routines to Relieve Insomnia