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Sing your song. Today is a gift. Be the change you wish to see in the world. Decide. Commit. Succeed. Be someone you want to be around. Learn from those who challenge you. Remember, life goes on… Just believe. Laughter is an instant vacation! You [...]

"Is it possible to enhance your mental health with every day actions? Learn 8 things you can do every day to enhance your mental health."

Inspirational Quotes: Look for something positive in each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder. Follow:

What you focus on is what you get. If you don’t like your surroundings then start changing the way you think. Start noticing all the wonderful things around you. Start appreciating what you have.

Keep going. Each step may get harder, but don't stop. The view is beautiful at the top.

Note to self! No one is getting out of this alive anyway. So live a little. (But the thought of dying is just way out there. Wont we always be here? Weired thought...) // t