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[CV-F6Z] -The Caproni Vizzola F.6 was a World War II-Italian fighter aircraft built by Caproni. It was a single-seat,Fighter The F.6 design was the result of a project to adapt the airframe of the Italian Caproni Vizzola F.5 fighter with the German Daimler-Benz DB 605A liquid-cooled inverted V-12 engine. Only Four prototypes were built, one designated F.6M and the other designated F.6Z.

The Macchi C.200 Saetta (Italian: both Arrow or Lightning), or MC.200, was a World War II fighter aircraft built by Aeronautica Macchi in Italy, and used in various forms throughout the Regia Aeronautica (Italian Air Force).

The Kawasaki Ki-100 was a fighter aircraft used by the Imperial Japanese Army in World War II. The Japanese Army designation was "Type 5 Fighter". No Allied code name was assigned to this type, although it may have been misidentified as a Tony due to the similar profile and appearance.

Fiat BR.20 "Cicogna" (Stork) When it entered service in 1936 it was the first all-metal Italian bomber and it was regarded as one of the most modern medium bomber of the world When Italy entered war in 1940, the BR.20 was the standard medium bomber of Regia Aeronautica More than 500 were produced before the end of the war.Speed:273mph Range: 1709mi Altitude: 26250ft it was obsolete by 1942

The Curtiss P-60 was a 1940s United States single-engine single-seat, low-wing monoplane fighter aircraft developed by the Curtiss-Wright company as a successor to their P-40. It went through a lengthy series of prototype versions, eventually evolving into a design that bore little resemblance to the P-40. None of these versions reached production.....

Kawasaki KI-102 (Randy). Three Ki-102 prototypes were built; the Ki-102a (Type Kō) Externally similar to the 102b, but with turbosuperchargers that enabled the engine to maintain its rating at higher altitudes; rear gun was deleted, 26 built. There were 207 ground-attack variants similar to prototypes built, except with revised tail wheel.

The Caproni-Begamaschi Ca.310 Libeccio (Italian: southwest wind) was an Italian monoplane, twin-engine reconnaissance aircraft used in World War II.

[CV-F4] -The Caproni Vizzola F.4 was an Italian fighter aircraft prototype designed and built in 1939. It was a single-seat fighter.In the summer of 1939, Italy received its first Daimler-Benz DB 601A- 876 kW (1,175 hp) from Germany after 12 aircraft No further F.4s were ordered, and a proposal to build a production model powered by an Alfa Romeo-built DB 601A as the F.5bis was dropped in favor of pursuing development of the more advanced Caproni Vizzola F.6M