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I need one of these so bad. Use it as an attached co-sleeper, or stand alone bassinet. Also, the top comes out for use as a Moses basket around the house! Hoping they'll be in stock for the next baby!

The Joys of co-sleeping I love this idea much better for co sleeping rather than having the baby i n the bed

Make a Sidecar Cosleeper in 2 hours with standard lumber.

Make a Sidecar Co-sleeper in 2 hours with standard lumber. Great DIY! Don't forget to paint it up nice to match your bedroom furniture!

What month will my baby be born? Due date graphic + calculator

Join Motherly to get your personalized, week-by-week guide to getting pregnant. Will your little one be born on the 4th of July—or arrive just in time to be your tiny little Valentine? Here's a simple birthdate calculator to give you an idea of when baby will be born based on the time of conception.

Funny what catches your attention when you are about to become a grand. =D Arm's Reach® Original Natural Co-Sleeper®- Arm’s Reach®

Best Oops Ever Onepiece Bodysuit - Unplanned Pregnancy? This Funny and Humorous Bodysuit Makes a Great Baby Shower Gift for a New Baby

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"The best bassinet and it brings baby clear up over the bed and next to mom" via #HALOBassinest #HALOSwaddle #HALOSafeSleep