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The black-and-white warbler is one of the 56 species of the American wood warbler family found in North America. This small handsome bird has black stripes running horizontally along its head, back, and wings, with a white breast and belly.

According to some Native American myth. the raven was once a white bird with a beautiful singing voice. till it made such a selfless sacrifice for the benefit of mankind. It brought to man a flaming stick. In turn, the soot blackened its feathers. blistered its feet. and in breathing the smoke, ruined its voice forever. Here's to the raven and its sacrifice...

Women in science and math

Before Kathryn Johnson became a Physicist & Mathematician responsible for putting men on the moon, she was a teacher and Stay At Home Mom. Later, she applied to NASA to calculate trajectories for space flights.

In a time of both gender and racial discrimination, Bessie Coleman became the first black woman in the world to earn a pilot's license.

Favorite bird-Corvids are only perching birds who use feet to hold on while roosting and can use feet to carry things. Crow in flight by russell.tomlin on flickr.