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The Dalton Gang History- Outlaws of Kansas and Oklahoma, the Dalton brothers at one time were on the side of the law, but turned Outlaw in the meeting their end in Coffeyville, Kansas during a botched robbery. page 4

This is GREAT! A wanted poster for the Earp brothers and Doc Holliday. Doesn't say any bounty amount, so this is one the original BOLOs (Be On the Look Out).

We lived in a teepee for a while in Idaho. Very cool (as in needs a lot of firewood to stay warm). We didn't have a liner which would have helped, plus some big furs to hang.


This is a flyer for a job at the Pony Express. They used up to 80 riders at once at soke times, so the demand for employees was high. There were about 400 total employees for the Pony Express all across the land from Missouri to California.

wagon train ~ the beginning of this great Country! HARD WORK!! Something that means little today.


My grandparents had one of these attached to a tree in their front yard. I spent many hours sitting on it and watching the cars go by.