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7 Things to Pack for Eco-Friendly Travel

Eco-travel starts with what's in your bag. Here's a packing list to make your next trip more eco-friendly.

Discover the world's best trips & avoid the world's worst #ResponsibleTravel

Welcome to my website - all about my life of travel

When I was 7 my Grandmother bought me a pack of 52 cards each with a photograph of a beautiful place around the world on it. My favourites were Table Mountain in Cape Town and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, USA. Oh how I wanted to see them for real! I was lucky […]

Meet Howler Monkeys at Community Baboon Sanctuary

Read our mixed review about Community Baboon Sanctuary: find out how to get there by bus & a secret way to experience it for free without a guide or tour! Take a guided nature walk & hear the call of the black howler monkey at the Community Baboon Sanctuary, a unique conservation organization involving 14 landowners from the surrounding villages. The howler monkey is the 2nd loudest animal in the world, after the lion – hearing is believing!

5 Reasons You Should NOT Hate Poachers

The topic of poachers always raises hatred in people. Here's why you should stop hating the player, and start hating the game.

How Not to Pack for Long Term Travel: What We Wish We Did/Didn't Pack

Packing for long term travel is an art - or maybe it's a science. Either way, it's hard to know what to pack for long term travel. Here's 10 mistakes we made when packing for our 4 month long backpacking trip in South America!