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Did you know there are 150 types of Ramyeon in Korea? (Ramyeon is instant noodle, that comes in a package with fried noodle, soup powder and some dried vegetable...

Cup Noodle ( カップヌードル Kappu Nūdoru ) is a brand of instant ramen noodle snack manufactured by Nissin, packaged in a foam food container, hard plastic or paper cup. Other brand names are used in specific countries, such as the singular Cup Noodle in Japan, and the product has inspired numerous competitors, such as Maruchan's Instant Lunch.

Japan Nissin Demae Ramen Instant Noodle Hk Hong Kong Version

Maggi noodles from Nestle 'hazardous' - India regulator

India's food safety regulator says tests have found that Nestle India's Maggi instant noodle products are "unsafe and hazardous".

Which Instant Pot Button To Use – Settings, Modes, and Timers

This guide is here to help you simplify your Instant Pot. You will learn: The cooking time equivalent for each cooking program button (e.g. soup, poultry.) How to toggle between low and high pressure settings. How